You will soon be able to say ‘Hey Cortana’ or ‘OK Google’ to wake up Bixby



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Many tech giants believe that the war of digital assistant is just getting started and it doesn’t matter if you come late to the war zone. Samsung is one such company that came late in the party with its digital voice assistant Bixby. Despite knowing the fact that Google Assistant is way ahead than Bixby, Samsung keeps pushing its digital assistant with various new and unique features. Unfortunately, none of its efforts played out well.

Samsung is still adamant that it can climb the ladder. The company today at the Galaxy S10 China conference has announced that users will soon have the ability to customize Bixby wake-up command. Prior to this, Bixby responded only to ‘Hi Bixby’. This means you can go ahead and say ‘Hey Cortana’ or ‘OK Google’ (or “wake up John”) to wake Bixby up on your Galaxy S and Note series. Needless to say, you need to tweak the Bixby setting to make this happen. However, we are yet to see this feature in action.

This is in no way a game-changing moment for Samsung but it’s fun and definitely going to give Bixby some much-needed mindshare and creds assuming Galaxy S and Galaxy Note users care about the digital assistant.

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