You might soon see smart fabric products from Microsoft

by Rahul
November 3, 2019

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The smart fabric market set to witness a huge growth in the next few years. Rapid advancement in the field of research and development, increasing adoption of smart fabric are going to contribute the most to its future growth, according to various studies.

Major tech companies that have joined the smart fabric bandwagon are Google, Apple, and Samsung. They are currently in the process of laying the groundwork for their smart fabric products. And now it appears that Microsoft too, wants to join the bandwagon.

A new Microsoft patent that was published by the USPTO las month sheds some light on Microsoft’s smart fabric technology. Titled “Electronically Functional Yarn,” the patent for the smart fabric talks about how electronically functional yarns distributed among electronically non-functional yarns. Put simply, Microsoft has envisioned a piece of cloth that has modern computer-based technology woven into it.

Image: Patently Mobile

While the patent appears to be of a smart shirt, which takes advantage of the smart fabric technology, the technology applies to several other devices that comprise textile exterior surfaces.

Smart fabric can find its application in almost every industry, including Sports and Fitness, Medical and Healthcare, Automotive and Transportation, Home and Architecture, Protection and Safety/Military, Fashion and Entertainment.

While smart shirt from Microsoft is something that all the tech enthusiasts would like to have, Microsoft hasn’t materialized the patent into a product yet, neither have we heard anything as to when Microsoft is going to introduce it to the market.

via Patentlymobile

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