You might soon be able to create 10-minute-long reels on Instagram

August 30, 2023

Meta’s Instagram is hard at work introducing new features to compete with rival platforms like TikTok. The former’s latest attempt could come in an effort to allow users to create longer reels on the platform. According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on the ability to create 10-minute-long reels.

Currently, Instagram allows creators to create reels for up to three minutes, but this is significantly less than what TikTok offers. TikTok users can post 10-minute-long content, while paid users can post content up to 20 minutes long. However, Instagram is not known to be working on allowing users to create 20-minute-long reels. Instead, the Meta-owned company is focusing on bringing 10-minute-long reels to its platform.

The ability to create 10-minute-long videos on Instagram is currently in the development stage, and while Paluzzi has spotted the feature, he failed to give us any information on when the feature will be available for creators. That said, unlike TikTok, Instagram is unlikely to introduce a paid tier for those creators who want to take advantage of the ability to create long reels from the app.

As things stand right now, TikTok is the only short video platform that allows users to create content that exceeds 10 minutes. Interestingly, YouTube shorts are still limited to 60 seconds long. But now, with Instagram now looking to raise the limit, YouTube could also join the bandwagon.

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