How to turn off seen on Instagram in 6 easy steps?

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Although immediate responses are only sometimes feasible, some friends and followers may create unnecessary drama if they perceive delayed replies. Instagram has recently introduced a feature allowing users to turn off seen on Instagram for their Direct Messages. This feature allows you to control the display of “Seen” indicators to the sender.

This guide provides the new feature and other solutions to read messages without triggering the read receipt. It includes strategies for both Apple and Android users that respect privacy. We will explore techniques that help you regain control over your online interactions on Instagram, which is bringing a subscription model to the EU.

Way 1: Through Instagram Privacy Settings.

Both iOS and Android users can follow these steps!

1. Open the Three Dots Menu.

Access the Three Dots Menu by clicking the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner. Tap this menu to access settings, privacy, sharing, and reporting options. Though seemingly simple, the three-dot menu on Instagram unlocks a treasure trove of hidden tools and settings.

2. Choose “Settings and Privacy,” which is typically the first option in the menu.

Some settings are located directly under the “Settings” menu and don’t require going through “Privacy.” 

Please note that the specific options under “Privacy” may vary slightly depending on your device and app version.

3. Scroll down to the “How Others Can Interact With You” section.

You can quickly locate the section in question by simply opening the settings and scrolling down. 

4. Select “Messages and Story Replies

This must be the first setting option in this category.

5. Navigate to “Who Can See You’re Online” and select “Show Read Receipts

6. Toggle off the “Show Read Receipts” switch to turn off the feature.

Turn off the “Show Read Receipts” switch on the right side. It should turn from green to grey.

Way 2: Through Individual’s Direct Messages.

To disable read receipts for individual direct messages on Instagram, follow these steps!

1. Go to your Direct Messages.

Proceed to your Direct Messages section by tapping the paper airplane icon in the interface’s top right corner. This icon grants you access to your ongoing conversations.

2. Open The Conversation where you want to disable read receipts.

In your Direct Messages, select the individual’s conversation where you intend to manage read receipts.

3. Tap on the Person’s Name at the top of the chat to open their profile.

Once you’ve chosen the conversation, tap on the profile name or display the picture of the person you’re conversing with. This action directs you to their profile settings.

4. Tap on “Privacy and Safety”

Under the person’s name, look for the “Privacy and Safety” section below “Chat Controls.” This section is identifiable by a lock logo on its left.

5. Toggle Off the “Read Receipts” option.

Inside their Privacy and Safety settings, locate the “Who Can See Your Activity” option. This setting governs the visibility of read receipts within your conversation. Once disabled, read receipts will no longer be displayed for messages in this conversation.

Toggle off the “Read Receipts” option. 

Way 3: By Restricting The Individual’s Account.

All messages from the restricted profile will be directed to the “Requests” section, allowing you to read them without affecting the read status. Here’s how to do it:

1. Visit the Sender’s Instagram Profile.

Navigate to the profile of the person who sent you the message. You can find their profile by searching for their username or tapping on their profile picture if it appears in your feed or a message notification.

2. Access the Three-Dot Menu.

Once on the sender’s profile, locate the three-dot menu icon in the screen’s top right corner. Tap on this icon to reveal a menu of options for interacting with the profile.

3. Select “Restrict” from the Menu: 

Look for the option labeled “Restrict.” Tap on “Restrict” to initiate the process of limiting interactions with the sender’s account.

4. Navigate to Instagram Direct Messages.

Navigate to the Direct Messages section of the app by tapping on the paper airplane icon in the screen’s top right corner.

5. Tap on “Requests”

Within the Direct Messages section, locate and tap on the tab labeled “Requests.” Messages from your restricted accounts will be redirected to this section instead of appearing in your primary inbox (or General if you have a business account).

6. Read the Message

Find the message from the sender whose profile you’ve restricted.

Tap on the message to open and read its contents without the sender being notified of your activity.

Benefits of Disabling Read Receipts on Instagram

  • Privacy Protection: Disabling read receipts gives users greater privacy by preventing others from knowing when they have read messages. This can be particularly useful for maintaining personal boundaries and avoiding pressure to respond immediately.
  • Reduced Pressure: With read receipts off, there’s less pressure to reply promptly to messages, allowing users to respond at their own pace without feeling obligated to provide an immediate response.
  • Avoiding Misunderstandings: Turning off read receipts can help prevent misunderstandings when someone sees that a message has been read but doesn’t receive a response immediately. This can promote healthier communication dynamics.
  • Enhanced Control: By turning off read receipts, users have more control over their online presence and communication habits. They can choose when to engage with messages without worrying about others tracking their activity.
  • Respecting Boundaries: It enables individuals to set boundaries around their availability and responsiveness, fostering a more respectful and balanced approach to communication on the platform.
  • Minimizing Social Pressure: In social or professional contexts where immediate responses are not always feasible or desired, turning off read receipts can help reduce social pressure and expectations for instant replies.

Conclusion on how to turn off seen on Instagram

Irrespective of the method chosen, these latest features provide users with enhanced control over notifications, diminishing the need for instant responses that might result in misinterpretations.

Furthermore, the benefits extend beyond personal use to encompass brands, facilitating better management of customer expectations. While prompt replies remain crucial, deactivating read receipts can mitigate potential customer dissatisfaction, enhancing overall satisfaction. 

Q: Why would I want to read Instagram messages without the sender knowing?

A: There could be various reasons, such as wanting to maintain privacy, avoiding immediate responses, or simply not wanting the sender to know you’ve seen their message.

Q: Will turning off read receipts affect my ability to see message timestamps?

A: Disabling read receipts doesn’t affect your ability to see message timestamps. You can still view the time when messages were sent and received.

Q: Will the sender be notified if I restrict their Instagram profile?

A: The sender won’t be notified if you restrict their profile. They’ll still be able to send you messages, but they won’t know when you’re online or if you’ve read their messages.

Q: Can I unrestrict a profile after reading their messages?

A: Yes, you can unrestrict a profile at any time. Visit the sender’s profile, access the three-dot menu, and choose unrestrict. This will restore regular interactions with the sender.

Q: Does turning off read receipts affect other features on Instagram?

A: Disabling read receipts only affects the visibility of the “Seen” indicator in direct messages. It doesn’t impact other features or notifications on the platform.

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