Xiaomi’s folding phone would be half of the price of the Galaxy Fold

Samsung and Huawei both launched their much-awaited folding smartphone at this year’s MWC. And while the tech industry got divided over ‘innies’ vs ‘outies’ debate, one concern that the two parties share is the price point. And that’s about to change.

According to sources, Xiaomi is ready to break the rules. Again. The company is all set to showcase its foldable smartphone as early as the end of April or early June and it is going to be the cheapest foldable smartphone in the business. Xiaomi is eying US$ 999 price point and in Europe, it might land as a  €999 deal.

How could the Chinese company even think of launching a folding phone with that price point? The answer seems to be the display. The company will use Visionox Technology OLED displays unlike what you find on Galaxy Fold and Mate X. Visionox has developed the displays as per Xiaomi’s requirements. Whether the displays are equally good or worse that we will find out once we get to see it.

A $999 folding phone will not only change the game but also will play a critical role in mainstreaming the foldable form factor. Meanwhile, we will wait for the China event for an official announcement.

Source: iGyaan