Xbox Series X, S consoles get price hike in Sweden

February 21, 2023

Sweden is the latest country to suffer from the hike in Xbox product prices announced by Microsoft last year. This resulted in the former 3,595 SEK ($347) price of the Xbox Series S to jump to 3,894 SEK ($376), while the Xbox Series X price increased from 5,695 SEK ($550) to 6,195 SEK ($599).

The increase is part of Microsoft’s plan to raise the prices of its Xbox products after Xbox Lead Phil Spencer said in October last year that the company had “to look at the return on our business, the cost of the business.”

“We’ve held price on consoles, and held price on games, and our subscription. I don’t think we’ll be able to do that forever.” Spencer said at that time. “I do think that at some point, we’ll have to raise some prices on certain things, but going into this holiday, we thought it was really important to maintain the prices that we have because consumers, right now, are more uncertain than they have been in a long time.”

The price hike in Sweden follows the same announcement in Japan in January, causing a $38 increase in Xbox Series X and $44 Xbox Series S. The increase was just implemented last week in the Japanese market, with Xbox Japan explaining the move.

“After carefully evaluating the market condition in Japan, we have decided to change the suggested retail price of Xbox consoles in the country,” Microsoft Japan explained. “We regularly evaluate the impact of local pricing to maintain reasonable consistency across regions. This price revision affects our customers and was a difficult decision to make, but going forward we will continue to provide the ultimate Xbox experience that our customers expect.”

Via VGC, Gaming Deputy

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