Xbox One UWP apps and games will be supported on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

September 17, 2020
Xbox app

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Xbox Series app

Microsoft today announced that apps and games running on the Xbox One will continue to run on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Microsoft has already tested and validated the underlying platform APIs and codecs that UWP apps are built on.

Microsoft confirmed that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Dev Kits are not available for app developers. However, they can buy retail version of the Xbox Series consoles and use the Dev Mode Activation App to convert those consoles into a development kit. Until then, they can use current Xbox One X for testing. An app that works on the Xbox One X should continue to work on the new Xbox Series consoles.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not add any new platform features that can take advantage of for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Microsoft mentioned the following reason on their blog post:

  • We focused our efforts on backwards compatibility for apps on our new Xbox family of consoles to make it easier for our partners and enable a seamless transition for your app from the Xbox One generation to the next generation of Xbox consoles. This means that all of your favorite apps will carry over to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on day 1.
  • We currently do not have additional features for apps on the new Xbox family of consoles that are not already a part of the Xbox One X.

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