Xbox Insiders can now control Netflix with their TV remote control (and other HDMI-CEC improvements)



A great new feature is coming for Xbox Insiders who watch streaming TV like Netflix on their console.

Xbox Insider Program Lead Brad Rossetti has announced that Microsoft is improving HDMI-CEC on the Xbox, meaning you can now use your TV remote to control the user interface on the Xbox.

This means you can now use your TV remote to navigate the Xbox dashboard and control streaming apps like Netflix.

You can also switch the TV input to your Xbox by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. Now with a single press of the Xbox button on your controller, you can switch your TV input back to your console and begin gaming immediately.

This cool feature of course needs compatible TVs with HDMI-CEC support and is currently only available to Xbox Insiders in Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha channels.

While this feature is only available to Xbox Insiders for the moment, hopefully, we can see it roll out in the next Xbox update so those in need of this feature don’t have to wait long.

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