Microsoft Rewards, the loyalty program that lets you earn points for doing things such as searching the web using Bing or shopping at the Microsoft store, will now let you redeem your points for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

The news was posted on Reddit by u/timeinreddit, along with an image showing that they only need to acquire 12,000 points in order to redeem 1 month of Ultimate.

However, it appears that with this addition, the number of points required for Xbox memberships has increased for US users. It’s not clear if this currently affects anyone outside of the US.

As u/keelar points out, 3 months of Gold was previously only 15,000 points, while it’s now 20,000 points. Similarly, 3 months of Game Pass was previously 17,000 points, and it’s now increased to 24,000.

It also appears that the option to redeem a 12 month membership has also disappeared, although this option apparently has a habit of sporadically disappearing and re-appearing.

It’s extremely likely that 12,000 points for a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is some sort of promotional price, seeing as Ultimate combines the best of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in one place.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate normally costs $14.99 a month, but is currently on sale for just $1. If you’re not a Microsoft Rewards user or if you just really love deals, you can pick up the $1 membership here.