Xbox Cloud Gaming comes to the Xbox App for Insiders

August 9, 2021
Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to the Xbox App on Windows to make cloud gaming even more accessible, however, it’s only available to Xbox Insiders for now. 

Available to those within Xbox’s Insider program across 22 countries, this new feature technically doesn’t give Insiders access to Xbox Cloud Gaming on any platform it’s not on already, but it does show more of Microsoft’s “continued goal to make gaming available to all players around the world, wherever you are, on the devices you want.”

While Xbox’s Series X powered Cloud Gaming isn’t available to the masses via the Xbox App, you can already play the over 100 titles available on the service on your PC via browsers as Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently being supported on Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. 

While it’s not a huge change this latest Insider program does at least show Microsoft’s commitment to making their Cloud Gaming as easy as possible to access, with the Xbox App slowly becoming the go-to place for all things Xbox, as you might expect from its name really. 

With Insiders only just getting their hands on it now, no date has been announced for when we might expect Xbox Cloud Gaming to be available for everyone on the Xbox App for Windows, but hopefully, we won’t have to wait long before we can all enjoy Cloud Gaming easily via the Xbox App. 

In the future, we’re expecting to see Microsoft expand the reach of Xbox Cloud Gaming even further, with the service being built into Smart TV’s directly, allowing users to play their favourite games without needing anything more than a controller.

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