Would You Pay For A Windows Phone At This Stage? AKA NOW

After weeks of seeing new videos popping left and right of the new mobile OS, I would like to ask you if at this point you are happy with what they have. Microsoft has been pushing their development team, marketing team, and anyone that has team in their name (even employees) to work harder on getting everything ready. These pushes has been portrayed on the recent videos of the OS, and right now I can say I am satisfied with what Microsoft has cooked up in less than 2 years (even with Kin & 6.5 taking some work).

Comment below and tell us what you think of all the things you have seen, and if you are convinced and will be getting a hold of a device on launch date or are you still waiting for something better ( even Android or iPhone). Also include who you will be getting your device from… HTC, Dell, Samsung, LG or you have no bias.