Without access to Windows or Intel, Huawei’s laptop business is put on hold


10, 2019

Huawei has reportedly stopped development and distribution of its laptops according to a DigiTimes report.

The firm has asked its notebook supply chain partners to suspend deliveries and has stopped further development of its ongoing projects.

Last month, the US levied a ban on American companies doing businesses with Huawei. Aside from the well-documented and overly discussed case of Huawei and Google’s Android, this included companies like Microsoft and Intel. As a result, Microsoft will no longer be selling Windows licenses to Huawei, and Intel will no longer be supplying the firm with chips to power its laptops. Without these two firms, Huawei’s laptop business is essentially dead in the water.

While the firm reportedly has an operating system to replace both Windows and Android in testing, it isn’t ready to deploy just yet. When you take into consideration Huawei’s laptop business not operating at the scale of its mobile business anyway, the firm was wise to cut its losses here.

Source: Digitimes, via Dr. Windows

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