Wine 3.0 lets Chromebook users run Windows apps



Wine, the Windows emulation software later for Linux and macOS has been released for Android (via Android Police).

The app will allow users on Android devices run supported Windows apps as if they were actually using a Windows PC, to some extent. While the app is of limited usefulness for phones and tablets, Android support includes more than the usual suspects

Most specifically, the software will let Chromebook users run Windows apps in addition to native support for Android apps and Linux users of the platform enjoys.

It’ll work better on Chromebooks as devices on ChromeOS are more often than not built with Intel processors on the x86 platform., supporting Windows apps better,

Its worth nothing that this isn’t the first Windows app emulation software for ChromeOS, CodeWeaver released an app called CrossOver last year that allowed users to run their Window apps on Android provided you had the installation package (.exe/msi etc) for the app. This app will — unlike Wine — become a paid app in future, however, so Wine might remain a more attractive package.

Wine is reportedly in its early days now, with Android police noting that the app was severely crashy on devices it was tested on, and that

Wine is also available for Android tablets and phones, and you can download it from Wine HQ’s site here.

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