Windows Terminal Preview app updated with a number of new features and bug fixes

by Rahul
February 14, 2020

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The Windows Terminal is a new terminal application from Microsoft that offers command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL. Beyond that, the Windows Terminal Preview app can now do so much more, thanks to the latest update that Microsoft pushed yesterday.

Taking the Windows Terminal Preview app to Version 0.9, the update introduces a number of new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. You can read the official changelog below.


Command Line Arguments

The wt execution alias now supports command line arguments! You can now launch Terminal with new tabs and panes split just how you like, with the profiles you like, starting in the directories you like! The possibilities are endless! Here are some examples:

wt -d .
Opens the Terminal with the default profile in the current working directory.

wt -d . ; new-tab -d C:\ pwsh.exe
Opens the Terminal with two tabs. The first is running the default profile starting in the current working directory. The second is using the default profile with pwsh.exe as the "commandline" (instead of the default profile’s "commandline") starting in the C:\ directory.

wt -p "Windows PowerShell" -d . ; split-pane -V wsl.exe
Opens the Terminal with two panes, split vertically. The top pane is running the profile with the name “Windows Terminal” and the bottom pane is running the default profile using wsl.exe as the "commandline" (instead of the default profile’s "commandline").

wt -d C:\Users\cinnamon\GitHub\WindowsTerminal ; split-pane -p "Command Prompt" ; split-pane -p "Ubuntu" -d \\wsl$\Ubuntu\home\cinnak -H
See below. ?

Image terminal command args

If you’d like to read up on everything you can do with our new command line arguments, check out the full documentation here.

Auto-Detect PowerShell

If you’re a big fan of PowerShell Core, we have great news for you. The Windows Terminal will now detect any version of PowerShell and automatically create a profile for you. The PowerShell version we think looks best (starting from highest version number, to the most GA version, to the best-packaged version) will be named as “PowerShell” and will take the original PowerShell Core slot in the dropdown.

Image terminal powershell core

Confirm Close All Tabs

Are you someone who always wants to close all of your tabs without being asked every time? If you said yes, this new feature is for you! A new global setting has been created that allows you to always hide the “Close All Tabs” confirmation dialog. You can set "confirmCloseAllTabs" to true at the top of your profiles.json file and you’ll never see that popup again! Thanks to @rstat1 for the contribution of this new setting. ?

Other Improvements

Accessibility: You can now navigate word-by-word using Narrator or NVDA!

? You can now drag and drop a file into the Terminal and the file path will be printed!

Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins are bound by default to copy and paste respectively!

? You can now hold Shift and click to expand your selection!

? VS Code keys used for key bindings are now supported (i.e. "pgdn" and "pagedown" are both valid)!

Bug Fixes

Accessibility: Terminal won’t crash when Narrator is running!

? Terminal won’t crash when you provide an invalid background image or icon path!

? Our popup dialogs all now have rounded buttons!

? The search box now works properly in high contrast!

? Some ligatures will render more correctly!

You can download the Windows Terminal Preview app from this link, or you can visit Microsoft Store and search for the app.

Source: Microsoft

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