Windows Phone only second to the iPhone in customer satisfaction


The latest Changewave survey of 4000 North American Consumers have found once again that Windows Phone 7 users are extraordinarily satisfied with their handsets, with 55% Very Satisfied with their handsets.

The number is second only to the iPhone, with 75%, and ahead of Android handsets with 47%.

RIM only manages 22%, with only 2% of consumers planning to buy one in the next 3 months.

Bringing up the rear are Windows Mobile handsets, with only 12% very satisfied.  The combined rate for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone increased to 32%, up 8 points.

Changewave notes that the high customer satisfaction rates for Windows Phone has not translated into sustained momentum in term of buyer preference.  I suspect it is a bad taste from Windows Mobile which may be the issue.

Read the full report at Changewave here.