Windows Phone Marketplace Has About 6881 Cloned Apps And Other Interesting Stats


Silverlight Developer Justin Angel did a great job of analysing the apps in Windows Phone Marketplace. How did he do that? He downloaded the entire marketplace, Yes its about 108 GB. After downloading the marketplace he analysed many things which he considered important. One of the interesting thing he found is that the Windows Phone Marketplace has 925 clones apps repeating themselves all in total 6,881 times. Roughly 20%+ of the WP7 marketplace is the same app published many times. So there are only 18,549 unique apps in the WP7 marketplace.

Justin makes the point that there are many non-nefarious reasons for cloned apps, and even the obvious examples like ebooks and RSS readers have good reasons for existing, due to the dynamics of searching marketplace.

He notes that the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is not particularly flooded with these single function “cloned” apps, with Marketplace consisting of 15% ebooks, exactly the same as the iPhone App Store in June this year.

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He also showed that, despite the flood of single function apps by large publishers, small publishers still had the lion share of the downloads, forming the most important part of the top 2000 apps.


Also only 3% of the apps are obfuscated and 90% of the apps are Silverlight based. C# is the language of choice with over 99% of apps are based on that. You can find and request more stats on these app at Justin Angel’s Blog.

Kudos to Justin Angel for making such attempt ! ! Great work.