Windows Phone 8 Bluetooth profiles revealed, OBEX confirmed

Design Name Windows Phone 8
Member Company Microsoft Corporation
Specification Name 3.1
Design Model Number Windows Phone 8
Software Version Number 8.0
Qualification Assessment Date August/06/2012
Listing Date August/06/2012
Design Description Mobile Phone Operating System

Profile / Protocol Role / Version (If Any)
Serial Port Profile  
Service Discovery Application Profile Local Device (LocDev)
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol AVCTP 1.3
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
AVRCP v1.4
Object Push Profile Object Push Client
Object Push Server
Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile Acceptor
Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol Acceptor
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP 1.2
Source (SRC)
Hands-Free Profile Audio Gateway (AG)
CVSD audio coding over SCO
Hands-Free Profile 1.5
Phone Book Access Profile PSE

imageThe Windows Phone 8 Bluetooth profile list has finally been posted at the Bluetooth SIG, and it confirms that Windows Phones will be able to both send and receive objects, though the exact nature of the data which can be transferred is still unknown.

OBEX is the only new profile added since Windows Phone 7.5, but the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile was updated from version 1.3 to 1.4, which adds the ability to browse and search media on media servers over Bluetooth,  and the Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol was also updated from version 1.0 to version 1.3.

It appears the headset profile was also dropped, and the serial protocol remains missing, but we already know developers will have access to this feature.

Unfortunately the version of Bluetooth supported is version 3, rather than the latest version 4, which adds Bluetooth Low Energy, which allows phones to communicate with low energy devices such as sensors and smart watches.

The profile can be seen here.