Windows Phone 8.1 starts showing up in server logs


5, 2013

Author Surur // in News


Developer Tom Myles have posted the first sighting of the next  major version of Windows Phone, finding the OS update in the analytics data of his app Archiver.

The phone, which only made one appearance, was running Windows Phone 8.10.12076.0 vs  8.0.1211.2004 for our current handsets.

It is not know yet what improvements we can expect in the next version of Windows Phone, but in my opinion much of the exciting features found in Windows 8.1 will probably also come to Windows Phone 8.1, including Miracast screen sharing for example.

There has been some speculation that Windows Phone 8.1 will only hit the market by early next year – here’s hoping these early signs point to a more reasonable delivery date this holiday season.


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