Windows 9 To Support Display Resolution Up To 8K And Better DPI Scaling


19, 2014

Windows 9 Screen Resolution 8K

Windows 8.1 already supports displays with resolution up to 4K and the scaling is adjusted based on the resolution. Today, PCPortal revealed that Microsoft has now added support for displays up to 8K resolution and offers better DPI scaling, they discovered it in the leaked Windows 9 build 9832. The above images shows various sizes of system icons that will be used based on the screen resolution and the below image shows how scaling with work based on the DPI of the display.

Windows 9 Scaling Support

Recently, Dell announced the new Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K Monitor, the world’s first display with Ultra HD 5K resolution (5120 x 2880). Ultra HD 5K is equivalent to four times the resolution of QHD and seven times the resolution of Full HD. This upcoming Windows 9 improvement would be a welcome change for customers who buy this Dell’s new display. Read more about Dell’s display here.

Source: PCportal via: Neowin

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