Windows 11’s SSD Bug: Fixed This February?

February 5, 2022
Windows 11 SSD Bug

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Windows 11’s SSD bug has been a thorn in Microsoft’s side for quite some time now.

Microsoft addressed a problem with Windows 11 which caused slowed down SSD drives. They released an update to fix this issue, but there are still some who believe it’s responsible for their slow performance today. This time around, the culprit was reported as being behind increasingly slower writing speeds on certain types or brands NVMe solid-state disks (SSD). Bugs like these aren’t immediately obvious and require extensive testing before they become public knowledge.

Fortunately, it looks like this problem may finally get fixed with the release of the February update. Microsoft has been hard at work trying to find a fix for this issue, and it looks like they may have finally found one. A recent post on the Microsoft Community forums suggests that the February update will include a fix for Windows 11’s SSD bug.

This update is said to be optional but it’s important for your computer. If you don’t notice any issues with KB5008353, then install the necessary updates on Feb 8th within Windows 10 Settings menu and through “Windows Update.” You’ll automatically download what Microsoft considers an essential package so keep those PCs connected! We also expect a small quasi-feature release this month which includes improvements of Taskbar as well as prerelease features from Android apps running inside windows 11.

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