Windows 11 Dark Mode will sound different to Light Mode

by Surur
August 23, 2021

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Microsoft has always paid a lot of attention to the sounds which goes along with each new version of their operating system, and Windows 11 is no exception.

The new operating system’s main theme is calmness.

“Calmness is much needed in today’s world, and it tends to hinge on our ability to feel in control, at ease, and trustful,” Microsoft’s Christian Koehn and Diego Baca wrote in a blog post. “Windows 11 facilitates this through foundational experiences that feel familiar, soften formerly intimidating UI, and increase emotional connection.”

This extends to the soundscape, with a Microsoft spokesperson telling CNBC:

“The new sounds have a much rounder wavelength, making them softer so that they can still alert/notify you, but without being overwhelming. Just like we rounded UI [user interface] visually, we rounded our soundscape as well to soften the overall feel of the experience.”

This attention to detail extended to Windows 11 assuming different sound themes in Dark and Light Mode.

“The sounds are similar, which means people can recognize them as they switch between modes, but slightly different,” notes CNBC. “Applying a dark theme generally makes the sounds softer. They seem to echo, as if in a large room.”

Listen to some Windows 11 sound samples followed by their Windows 10 counterparts below:

Desktop Mail Sound

Windows Calendar Sound

Default Beep Sound

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