Is Microsoft shoving Windows 11 cloud PC down our throats?

June 27, 2023

Microsoft is reportedly trying to push Windows 11 cloud PC service for everyone, according to a document shown amidst Microsoft’s dispute with the FTC. 

The document, dated back in 2022, highlights Microsoft’s plan to leverage the power of the cloud and client technologies to deliver improved AI-powered services and facilitate seamless roaming of people’s digital experiences across devices. 

“Move Windows 11 increasingly to the cloud: Build on Windows 365 to enable a full Windows operating system streamed from the cloud to any device. Use the power of the cloud and client to enable improved AI-powered services and full roaming of people’s digital experience,” the document reads. 

In the coming years though, it is not surprising to witness a gradual transition of the Windows experience towards the cloud, while keeping the local Windows intact for the foreseeable future.

Windows 365 Cloud PC currently has two plans for business and enterprise. The most cost-effective option for businesses is priced at $31 per user per month, which includes 2 vCPUs, 4 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage. Interestingly, even enterprise users have access to the same pricing and specifications.

As per reports, a family subscription plan is on the horizon in conjunction with the introduction of the cloud-based service. This subscription plan would grant parents remote access to their children’s cloud PCs, enabling them to provide homework assistance and participate in gaming sessions together.

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