Windows 10 will soon stop support WEP WIFI encryption

by Surur
November 13, 2019
wep wifi

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Of the number of technologies Microsoft will start deprecating in Windows 10, one familiar name is WEP WIFI encryption.

Since the May 2019 Update, Windows 10 has been showing a warning when users connect to WIFI networks secured via WEP or TKIP warning users that these protocols are now easily hacked.

Microsoft warns that in future releases Windows 10 will simply refuse to connect to such networks.

Microsoft recommends users switch their legacy routers to those which support AES ciphers, available with WPA2 or WPA3.

WEP dates all the way back to 1997 and was the only encryption protocol available to 802.11a and 802.11b devices. It was fully cracked in 2001, with only 1 minute of packet collection needed to expose the encryption key.

Suffice to say if you are still using WEP its about high time that you replace your hardware, and Windows 10 will soon help nudge you along that way.

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