Windows 10 on ARM hack spread to the Lumia 950 (non-XL)

by Surur
May 15, 2018

While the Windows 10 on ARM hack for the Lumia 950 XL was interesting, it was not clear if the work would be generalizable to other Windows Phones.

Now another hacker, NTAuthority, has shown at the very least that the work can be ported to the Lumia 950 (non-XL) with a bit of effort.

He writes:

When asked what it took to port the effort, he responded:

Most of it matches, however you’ll have to replace some ACPI tables with patched versions from the 950, and to run with core drivers you’ll have to patch a few of them.

That does make his work largely a proof of concept, and it is unclear if any older Snapdragon devices will be able to run the OS. At present high-end devices such as the HP Elite X3 remains out of bounds as its bootloader cannot be unlocked, but like most things, this is likely due to a lack of effort rather than any other limitation.

If you are of the same ilk as NTAuthority you can find more about the process of loading Windows 10 on your Lumia 950 XL here.

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