Windows PCs that are based on Intel were facing an issue, as a result of which users failed to install the latest Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and suggested that updating the Intel RST driver to the latest version will solve the issue.

It turns out that Microsoft’s solution is of no help as users are now reporting that they are still getting an error message while updating to the May 2019 Update even after updating the Intel RST driver to the latest version. The following error message is being shown to users.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST): The inbox storage driver iastora.sys doesn’t work on these systems and causes stability problems on Windows. Check with your software/driver provider for an updated version that runs on this version of Windows.

“I’ve literally been trying to fix this for hours. I’ve updated the version numerous times, uninstalled everything numerous times, yet every time I try to update, I get the same error over and over again,” a user wrote on Reddit.

A Twitter user also corroborated a similar story.

It now looks like the cause of the issue is duo multiple reasons, one of them being the outdated Intel RST driver. However, Microsoft is yet to clarify whether the outdated driver alone causing the issue and what should be done to fix it.

via: WindowsLatest