Microsoft will finally be adding a native framerate counter to Windows 10.

The company has already began rolling out the new feature to the native Windows 10 Game Bar, but some users will probably have to wait a while to get their hands on it.

This new feature will finally allow Windows 10 users to measure their in-game performance without the use of additional tools. While most third-party gaming applications, like Steam or Origin, have their own built-in counters, a native option has been requested for quite some time.

For those who get the Windows 10 October update, Microsoft will easily allow users to monitor performance with the use of Game Bar. By opening the Game Bar program, easily done through the use of Win+G, players will easily be able to toggle a live framerate counter on their games.

Image Source: WindowsLatest

Windows users will be able to customize the experience slightly to make times a little bit nicer. With the Game Bar framerate monitor offering a full performance graph, alongside CPU/GPU/RAM performance graphs, it should be one of the better options available. Hopefully, Microsoft will also include benchmark recording for easy charts.

Adding a native framerate counter to Windows 10 is a fantastic move on Microsoft’s part. With the company wanting to bring more gamers over to the Windows Store, especially with Xbox Game Pass PC, adding hardcore gamer features is a must.