The hackers behind Windows 10 and Windows 10X for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL have released updated images and a new driver pack for the devices which brings a number of bug fixes and improvements, with Gustave Monce calling it their most stable release yet.

Unfortunately, Windows 10X images are not included in this release, but (a bit like the official version) they may be released later.

The update brings the following changes and improvements:


  • [ADDED] You can now get the unique ICan0 GUID value from the registry. For more information, see
  • You can now disable double tap to wake in the settings app.
  • General refactoring
  • Adds Icaros ESP camera drivers to the tree, replacing the previous stubs (COREBSPNT #104)
  • General improvements to the Lattice UC120 driver (N/A)
  • Implements keypad support to the digitizer driver (COREBSPNT #126)
  • Changes default settings for glance screen to not show the background by default (COREBSPNT #130)
  • Adds ARM32 specific definition files for ARMv8.0 devices that only had ARM64 before (COREBSPNT #123)
  • Split mobile bridge into sub services (COREBSPNT #102/103, GH #22/#12)
  • Modularized Services for cellular, audio, sensors, and panel.
  • Fixed 2 crash issues with the GPU driver and Camera AV Stream driver
  • Addresses an issue in glance where the service might stop when trying to initialize the InteropRPC interface (COREBSPNT #124)
  • Addresses an issue where the touch driver checked the wrong registry name for double tap to wake (COREBSPNT #126)
  • Addresses an issue where the touch settings app could not change the registry value for double tap to wake (COREBSPNT #126)
  • Addresses an issue where some HID collections for the touch driver were not properly registered with the operating system (COREBSPNT #127)
  • Addresses an issue where some drivers did not properly respect the DIRID 13 specification (still WIP across the tree) (COREBSPNT #102/103, GH #22/#12)
  • Addresses an issue where the phone might not register properly cable/charging events (COREBSPNT #128)
  • Addresses an issue where charging might be slow when plugging some charger types (COREBSPNT #128)
  • Addresses an issue where Cortana Activation did not work (COREBSPNT #125)
  • Addresses an issue where connected standby would not register properly due to a non PoFx registered device (digitizer power), replaces the previously stubbed driver with a proper implementation (COREBSPNT #126)
  • Addresses an issue where some devices like hapanero had broken touch with recent touch driver updates (COREBSPNT #126)
  • Addresses an issue with broken audio on 8994/2 (COREBSPNT #129)
  • Addresses an issue with broken OEMPanel settings on 8994/2 (COREBSPNT #129)
  • Addresses an issue where MTP might have been broken with recent updates (COREBSPNT #131)
  • Addresses an issue where the icon for MTP was broken (COREBSPNT #131)
  • Addresses an issue with ARM32 UWP apps not rendering properly
  • Addresses an issue with ColorProfile switching from action center puts invalid values in registry, breaking the settings app
  • Addresses an issue with Installation might fail with driverupdater when updating an already running system
  • Addresses an issue with Audio driver might install bootloop on newer builds
  • Addresses an issue with USBFN not working as it should
  • Addresses an issue with Touch settings app having an empty section
  • Addresses an issue with newer insider builds looping during install
  • Addresses an issue with NFC
  • Addresses an issue with ColorProfile toggle being grayed out (it’s smart enough now so this shouldn’t happen ever again)
  • Addresses an issue with DPI not changing
  • Addresses an issue with Camcore not installing
  • Addresses an issue with powersettings not applying
  • Addresses an issue with Conntected Standby
  • Addresses an issue with Alarms not functioning properly in standby
  • Addresses an issue with Cellular on old builds

Known issues

The images for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have the following known issues, some of which may be due to Windows 10 or Windows 10X itself.

  • Under certain circumstances, the Lumia 950 (”Talkman”) may fail to reboot properly. Shut down the device via other means (Developer Menu / Flash App & THOR2). This happens during Setup, where the device will display a black screen
  • Cameras are not available
  • Windows Hello Iris Scanner is not available
  • Hyper-V is not available
  • SD Card Boot is not available
  • Battery life is degraded
  • GPS stack is not using any sensor for navigation
  • Miracast is not functional with many wireless devices, but works fine on Xbox, and Windows 10 computers
  • Graphical glitches can be observed with acrylic effects on builds lower or equal than 20100
  • Graphical glitches can be observed on shadows
  • MTP may fail to start if the device is plugged a second time, stop the NcsdService to fix the issue via task manager
  • Dual SIM devices are unsupported for Cellular, do not expect cellular to work properly on these
  • DirectX is unavailable for x86 and amd64 applications
  • Microphone level under Settings is stuck at 50%
  • Phone may not boot reliably or have random reboots when the battery falls below 50% on certain devices, if all cores are enabled.
    As a workaround, you can run “bcdedit /set numproc 4” to disable the second core cluster
  • No VoLTE
  • No VoWiFi
  • No Cellular data sharing
  • Phone Calls require manual provisioning by the user on builds higher than 18908
  • Text messages are unavailable on builds higher then 18908
  • Some users might end up being unable to send texts on build 18908 and lower. To address this issue, open regedit on
    the device, go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Messaging\IMEISpecific (or IMSISpecific), right click, go to security
    Tap advanced, tap change owner, in the dialog that opens, enter “Everyone” (without the quotes), tap check names
    press ok, press ok. Tap ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES, select ‘full control’, do the same for other listed accounts (optionally)
    Apply, and close regedit.
  • An APN might be required to specify for some users in order to get cellular data working.
  • Cellular is unavailable on builds lower than 17672.
  • Some drivers and mainly sensors will not be working on RS3 (16299).
  • Current issues with glance screen:

When the glance screen times out after the time specified there’s a chance the screen won’t turn off, this is still needing investigation but the issue can only be two things:
— either the device got out of S0ix and is sleeping at a lower level, because wifi is not connected for example, as a result the glance service is unable to take actions, this is a problem
— or, the glance service is trying to clear the screen, (there’s a specific panel driver command to do so), and for some reason this is failing.
This specific issue might take some time to completely iron out.

The following status notifications are not implemented in the port/non functional in the wrapper libraries:
— Battery saver indication
— Ringer indication (vibrate on, silence on)
— Alarm indication
— Detailed text indication
— Notification badges

The following functionality is not implemented:
— Wake glance on single tap

Hardware specific defects

  • A considerable amount of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL devices do not work with the HP lapdock properly when using a wired connection

How to install

Read full instructions at the Lumia-WOA Github page here.

Check out the work at the team’s GitHub page here.