Windows 10 for ARM on Windows Phone hack – Touch screen now works

by Surur
January 22, 2018

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The recent release of Windows Phone Internals 2.3 allows Windows Phone users to upload any ROM to any Lumia Windows Phone, and some enterprising Windows Phone enthusiasts have used the hack to load different versions of desktop Windows on the handsets.

Till now, however, the hack has had limited utility, as the touchscreen did not work, meaning everything was being done via scripts.

Now, however, a hacker called Ben has made some more progress, having managed to get scrolling to work on his Lumia 640 XL by loading a Synaptics driver.

He is currently working on establishing network connectivity.

The work will of course, in the end, find a limited audience, but it is still interesting that at one point many of us were carrying devices which were capable of being full Windows PCs, if not for the right software.

Follow Ben’s progress on his twitter account here.


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