Microsoft acknowledges KB5000842 game performance issues, is rolling out a fix

by Surur
April 24, 2021
frame rate drop

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Games have been reporting that the most recent Windows 10 Cumulative Updates ( KB5000842  and KB5001330) have been causing performance issues, in particular with lower frame rates in games, and even Nvidia has acknowledged the issue, saying:

4/16/21 – If you are experiencing slower performance in games, check if rolling back Windows 10 update KB5000842 fixes the problem.

Now Microsoft has finally weighed in on the issue, saying:

A small subset of users have reported lower than expected performance in games after installing this update. Most users affected by this issue are running games full screen or borderless windowed modes and using two or more monitors.

Fortunately, Microsoft has a fix in the works. The company will be using its Known Issue Rollback capability to automatically undo that aspect of the patch, resolving the issue.

Microsoft writes:

This issue is resolved using Known Issue Rollback (KIR). Please note that it might take up to 24 hours for the resolution to propagate automatically to consumer devices and non-managed business devices. Restarting your device might help the resolution apply to your device faster.

Known Issue Rollback (KIR) works by marking a particular patch as harmful on Microsoft’s servers, and when clients (Windows 10 PCs) check the server they will automatically revert back to the older code path.  The feature is only used for non-security patches and may take up to a day to roll out.

Have any of our readers run into this issue? Let us know below.

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