Windows 10 Build 18267 confirms Web-based Windows 10 Timeline is coming

by Surur
October 30, 2018

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A week ago we reported on signs that Microsoft was bringing the Windows 10 TimeLine to your web browser.

At the time WalkingCat had found a hidden button which linked to a currently non-functional website

Now in the latest Windows 10 19H1 Insider build 18267 that button appears to be quite visible, though the website is still not working.

Noticed by Leo Varela, the button says “Your activities can be viewed online. Open timeline in the cloud to see”.

It is not clear what the advantage of seeing your time duplicated in a browser is but presumably in the future you will also be able to see your own personal timeline on a PC that does not belong to you via the browser.

Do our readers see a use for this feature? Let us know below.

Thanks, Leo for the tip and screenshot.

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