Best Windows 10 Backup Software [Free & Premium]

July 13, 2023

In the modern digital era, having the best Windows 10 backup software available can ensure safety and security while protecting against unintentional file deletions, device failures, malware attacks, or even natural disasters that could result in irreversible data loss.

Backup software can be helpful in this situation. You can make copies of your crucial files and folders while offering protection against unanticipated problems.

This tutorial will cover your top 10 backup software solutions, including free and paid options. Let’s investigate the top Windows 10 backup programs currently on the market.

Comparison Table

Free backup software

Software Automatic Backup User Interface Backup Scheduling Cross-platform Compatibility Overall Efficiency
Perfect Backup Yes ***** Yes No *****
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Yes ***** Yes No *****
Tweaking Repair Yes **** Yes No *****
Windows File History Backup Yes *** Yes No ***
FBackup Yes **** Yes Yes ****
Syncthing No ** No Yes **

Paid backup software

Software Automatic Backup User Interface Backup Scheduling Cross-platform Compatibility Overall Efficiency
IDrive Yes ***** Yes Yes *****
Aomei Backupper Professional Yes ***** Yes Yes *****
Backblaze Yes **** Yes Yes *****
R-Drive Image 7 Yes **** Yes No ****


1. Perfect BackupBest free backup software for Windows 10

Perfect Backup is a reliable backup software option for Windows 10 users. It has an intuitive user interface and a wide range of functionality.

With Perfect Backup, you can quickly create backup copies of your files and folders, set up automatic backups, and even back up your entire system. You can easily save your backup files on a local drive,  external HDD, network, FTP servers, and in the Cloud. This software is the best backup software for Windows 10 to an external hard drive.


  • Easy backup procedures with a user-friendly UI
  • Complete collection of features for backups of both files and systems
  • Options for automatic scheduling to manage backups


  • The free version has few storage options
  • Only the premium edition has advanced features
  • Response times for customer service can differ

2. IDrive – Best file backup software for Windows 10

IDrive is a thorough cloud backup service that supports Windows 10 and is cross-platform compatible. Several features are available, including scheduled backups, ongoing data protection, file synchronization, and mobile access.

IDrive provides customizable storage solutions for both personal and commercial backup services and has a wide range of prices, depending on your needs:

  • Free: 10GB
  • IDrive Mini: $2.95
  • IDrive Personal: $59.62

Now that you have chosen a suitable license, you can safely back up your data and files and store them on your local drive, the local network, or upload them to the Cloud for improved safety and easy access.


  • Cross-platform compatibility for easy backing up
  • Constant data protection for backup in real-time
  • Adaptable storage options for customized backup strategies.


  • Limited storage space for the free version users
  • Additional fees for storage above and beyond the allotted amounts
  • Technical expertise may be needed for advanced features

3. Aomei Backupper Professional – Best variety of backup tools

Aomei Backupper Professional is another excellent choice for Windows 10 backup. File backups, disc imaging, and system cloning are just a few of its many services.

You may schedule backups using Aomei Backupper Professional, carry out incremental backups for effective storage utilization, and even produce bootable rescue media for disaster recovery.

Aomei offers its users a good range of prices with some great bonuses:

  • Yearly: $39.95
  • Yearly + 1TB Cloud: $49.95
  • Lifetime + Unlimited Cloud: $69.95

This software enables you to choose your local drive as a storage location for your backup file but also ensures full compatibility with NAS, local network, and cloud storage.


  • Flexible backup options for different data types
  • Capability for incremental backups ensures practical storage usage
    Can create bootable rescue media for quick system recovery


  • The free version’s capabilities and features are constrained
  • Some advanced features might need technical know-how
  • The interface can be overwhelming for new users

4. EaseUS Todo Backup Free – Automatic backup software for Windows 11

Windows 10 users frequently choose EaseUS Todo Backup Free as their free backup software. It provides basic backup options and an easy-to-use UI.

You may back up files, discs, and partitions and even clone your complete system with EaseUS Todo Backup Free for quick recovery. immediate quick access to your data at all times, you can save it on your local drive, external HDD, NAS, on the network, or in the Cloud. This is the best Windows 11 to an external hard drive backup-er that will give you access to all the tools required.


  • Easy-to-use interface for backup operations.
  • A variety of backup options for various data formats
  • The free version provides full backup functionality


  • Some sophisticated features can only be found in the premium version.
  • Customer service isn’t very good for free users.
  • Backup and restoration times are a little bit slower compared to premium software

5. Backblaze – Best cloud backup software for Windows 10

Backblaze allows users to back up their data into the Cloud for increased safety and accessibility. Your data can be automatically backed up to the Cloud using BackBlaze, providing off-site storage and uncomplicated recovery.

You can also use file versioning, unlimited backup storage, and mobile access to your stored data. You can get an unlimited backup offer for just 7$/month.


  • Simple and automated cloud backups
  • It offers an unlimited amount of storage
  • Includes a file versioning feature to access previous files


  • You need internet access to access the data or create backups
  • Limits on how much data retrieval can be performed for free users
  • Just a few customization choices available

6. Tweaking Windows Repair – Good backup features and disk tools Windows Repair is a robust and user-friendly software made to fix various Windows problems, create registry and permissions backup, improve system performance, and increase overall PC functionality.

This adaptable tool is designed to restore your Windows operating system to its peak performance, whether you are encountering system crashes, registry issues, or slow performance.


  • Versatile for solving a variety of Windows-related issues
  • Create automatic backups and restore points
  • Use scheduling to ensure backups are created regularly
  • Powerful malware removal features
  • Performance tweaks and Windows optimization


  • Exclusive to Windows-based machines
  • Some more advanced repairs require some technical knowledge

7. Windows File History Backup – Good Windows 10 built-in tool

Windows File History Backup is a dependable choice for Windows 10 users looking for a built-in backup solution. You can use this app to backup your files to a network location or external disc, and it’s entirely built into your OS.

Although it might not have sophisticated features like system image backups, Windows File History Backup offers a practical approach to ensure your files are safe and secure. You can save your backups on your local network or the local drive.


  • A built-in feature that allows quick access on Windows 10 devices
  • Simple setup and configuration process
  • Continuous file backup ensures real-time protection


  • Limited to file backups only; system image backups are not included
  • Storage is only possible with an external disc or network location
  • Few customization options only

8. FBackup – Best backup software with compression and encryption

FBackup offers its users a good-looking and easy-to-understand interface which ensures quick access to any option.

You can create full mirror backups of your files with just a few mouse clicks. Additionally, you get full support for automatic backups, compressions of data, and even encryption. To ensure seamless access from wherever you are, you can use the local drive, an external HDD, or back up your files to the Cloud.


  • Easy to use and understand interface
  • Backups are automatically made for easy data protection
  • Options for compression and encryption


  • Limited compared to premium software in terms of advanced capabilities
  • Some users might need backup choices that are more comprehensive

9. R-Drive Image 7 – Great for experienced users

R-Drive Image 7 is another excellent backup and disk imaging software that ensures great data protection on Windows 10.

It lets you make precise copies of your discs or partitions, complete with the installed software and operating system. Besides, incremental backups, encryption, and adjustable scheduling are other valuable features.

This software and all its features cost $44.95, making it medium-range when it comes to price ranges. You can choose to store your backup file on your local drive, on removable media, or external storage options.


  • Powerful disc imaging tools for complete system backup.
  • Can create incremental backups to maximize storage space
  • Encryption option to ensure data security


  • Technical know-how could be needed for advanced functions
  • The user interface might be challenging for novice users
  • Limited integration with cloud storage

10. Syncthing – Best open-source backup software for Windows 11

Tweaking Windows Repair is


  • Peer-to-peer synchronization offers improved privacy
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Continuous file synchronization
  • Decentralized open-source build


  • It can be overwhelming to set up for beginners
  • It doesn’t provide selective sync
  • Collaboration features are not included

Does Windows 10 have a backup program?

Windows 10 has an integrated backup program called Windows Backup and Restore. This tool can make backups of your files, directories, and system image.

Backing up files

  1. Open the Start menu, and choose Settings (cogwheel).
  2. Click on Update and Security, and choose the Backup option.
  3. Add a drive by clicking the + sign, and choose a location for storing the backup.

Restoring files

  1. Open the Search box and type restore file.
  2. Select the Restore your files with File History option.
  3. Find the file you want, and click Restore to start.

Note: Click Restore to save the file in the same location. If you want to use a different location, right-click the Restore button, and choose the Restore to option. This allows you to select a new storage location.

Is the Windows 10 built-in backup any good?

Yes, the built-in Windows 10 backup feature is helpful, but if you want to back up your data and files fully, we recommend trying one of the software options covered in this guide.

What is the best backup strategy for Windows 10?

To keep your Windows 10 data and files safe and private, you will need to use regular file backups, create system image backups, and use secure offline storage like an external SSD or HDD.

To complement and help with the tasks mentioned above, you must choose the best backup software for your circumstances, with which this guide can help.

We hope that the information in this guide gives you all the tools you need to make an informed choice of the best backup software for Windows 10. Before deciding, we recommend you explore all the data in this article and make a truly informed decision.

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