WhatsApp working on a new Community feature

by Surur
October 11, 2021
WhatsApp iOS update

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WhatsApp is working on a new Community feature which is related to their WhatsApp Groups function.

Evidence for the feature was discovered by XDA-Developers in an APK teardown of WhatsApp Beta v2.21.21.6, which includes strings like:

string name="accept_invite_link_already_in_parent_group">"You're already in this community"</string>
<string name="button_invite_to_parent_group">Invite to community</string>
<string name="cannot_send_to_parent_group_not_member">"ERROR: can't send to this community, not a participant"</string>
<string name="conversations_most_recent_parent_group_invite">WhatsApp community invite</string>
<string name="failed_accept_bad_invite_link_parent_group">"This invite link doesn't match any WhatsApp communities"</string>
<string name="failed_accept_invite_link_banned_parent_group">"You can't join this community because you were removed."</string>
<string name="failed_accept_invite_link_invalid_parent_group">"You can't join this community because this invite link is invalid."</string>

It is unclear at present how the Community feature works differently than Groups, but like Facebook Groups it may be able single landing page that can host a number of other Group chats.

It is likely more evidence for the feature will show up in the near future as reverse engineers get onto the task.

via XDA- Dev

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