WhatsApp Web gets another cool mobile feature

by Surur
January 27, 2019

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WhatsApp has been doing a good job keeping their web app, WhatsApp Web, updated and the latest feature will make good use of the expansive screen real estate on a desktop or laptop.

WhatsApp Web has been updated to version 0.3.2041  with support for Picture in Picture mode, previously only available in mobile.

This means you can watch a video sent to you in a separate floating window while still enjoying conversations with both the person sending the video as well as other users.

The feature works for both videos sent natively as well as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Streamables links, and should come to the Desktop Whatsapp app shortly.

If you want to download WhatsApp for Windows, you can get it from this link or access the web app at web.whatsapp.com.

via and screenshot- WAbetaInfo

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