Visually-revamped OneDrive for Windows is silently rolling out to users

December 15, 2022

A leak regarding OneDrive Windows 11 getting a visual revamp emerged in July. Now, this improvement is silently rolling out to different users.

The revelation was shared by the tech news website Dr. Windows, showing UI element changes in the app. As expected, the improvements help make OneDrive better complement the current design of Windows 11 by giving it elements with more rounded corners. And as stated in the earlier report we sharewd in July, the revamp purely covers the visuals of the app. That said, no new features can be seen in this update, though some functions are given better sets of explanations. For instance, Dr. Windows noted that the “Files on Demand” function is more elaborate in this update.

Visually-revamped OneDrive for Windows app
Image Credit: Dr. Windows

Some of the other huge visual improvements in this update include the new dark and light modes, which make this visual revamp project satisfying. There are also the new left Windows-like tabs for sync and backup, user account, notifications, and the “About” page. The latter provides an option for OneDrive Insider preview update sign-in and information about the app version. Microsoft also made it easier to determine the current storage amount consumed by the user by directly showing a storage bar indicator. 

Microsoft has yet to formally confirm and announce the update’s release to the public (and if it will also apply to Windows 10 users), so other users might still not have it. Nonetheless, as shared by Dr. Windows, the update seems to be rolling out by users’ locations as the changes were spotted in devices being used within specific regions, even though they are not being used in the preview program.

Do you already have the visual update of the OneDrive app for Windows? Let us know your opinion about it in the comment section.

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