Momentum is building anew in the USA to take Google to anti-trust court, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that a coalition of state attorneys and the Department of Justice were preparing to file charges against Google in the coming months.

Google has already been forced to turn over more than 100,000 documents to investigators as part of the ongoing probe, and civil demands have been served to a number of related third parties.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton revealed that some of the findings so far.

“We think Google has 7,000 data points on just about every human being alive,” Paxton said. “They control the buy-side [of online advertising], the sell-side and the market which we are concerned gives them way too much power.”

The investigation will focus on the broad reach of Google’s online advertising network, and the Texas Attorney expected it to wrap up soon.

“We are on a good path to completing our investigation,” Paxton told reporters, “and I think you’ll see things happening relatively soon.”

Via the Verge