While all of the hype may be dedicated to the promise of the return of placeholders in Windows 10, Microsoft has recently added a set of options within the newest build of the universal OneDrive app.

Microsoft Ignite 2016 brought the announcement of the addition of the successor to Windows 8.x’s OneDrive placeholders – “On-Demand Sync” – a feature that allowed some or all of your collection of documents, photos, and other files that were stored in the cloud to only be kept there, saving vast amounts of space on hard drives by only downloading metadata and syncing the necessary file when opened (while online). While we wait for this feature to debut to consumers in the desktop OneDrive client sometime in early 2017, Microsoft has taken the opposite approach with their OneDrive universal app – prompting users to a mostly online interface rather than encouraging users to sync their entire library to their device.

The latest update (version 17.15.2) adds a new option within the hamburger menu – “Offline” – and a matching icon can also be found in the app bar. Choosing to keep a file offline will add it to the list within the offline category of the app, and will allow a user to access that file while not connected to the Internet.

Are you happy that offline capabilities were added to the OneDrive app? Let us know in the comments below.

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