Ubisoft is developing games for Microsoft HoloLens

It seems as though Ubisoft is developing a variety of games for HoloLens. Beforehand, the company has been associated exclusively with virtual reality and they haven’t taken advantage of the mixed reality space. While games like Eagle Flight and Star Trek: Bridge Crew are a lot of fun, they don’t really incorporate radically different mechanics. HoloLens gives Ubisoft a chance to do that.

During the Unite Europe 2017 conference, Ubisoft held a talk called “AR Prototyping for the HoloLens”. During this event, the company discussed what they were doing with Microsoft’s upcoming holographic headset. The first game they showed was Toy Soldiers which looks like the precursor to a strategy game you can play on your table. Imagine being able to control armies in your living room as they used the various objects in your house as the map. The second game they showcased was Rabbid Rockets which had the odd, demented creatures flying around everywhere. I imagine the eventual aim of the game would be to knock as many down by hitting them or shooting at them.

While the games are still prototypes, they still look like a lot of fun. Despite their casual nature, it’s great to see a major publisher like Ubisoft take notice of Microsoft’s device and develop fun experiences for it. We don’t know when HoloLens will be out, but we do know that it’ll have a lot of great content by the time it finally reaches consumers. Let’s hope other publishers, not just Ubisoft, make games for it because the device has the possibility of transforming the medium.

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