Twitter has released a new update for its PWA app. The update brings the new features and improvements that were introduced by Twitter recently. The update includes the ability to react to DMs, the ability to add text to GIFs and more. You can head below to take a look at the changelog for the update.


  • DMs: Say more with new emoji reactions for Direct Messages! To add a reaction, click the ??? icon that appears when you hover over the message.
  • A11Y: When you Tweet you can now add alt text to any GIF just like images. Just make sure you have the “compose image descriptions” setting turned on in your accessibility settings. All these improvements are steps along the way to making Composing Tweets with alt text possible for everyone. We’re excited to enable this setting as the default for everyone soon!
  • Profiles: When viewing tweets on a user’s profile, replies will now be displayed as conversations so you can see what the user was replying to without having to click through.


  • A11Y: When using a screen reader, most emoji will now read out a Twitter translated description of their appearance instead of relying on the system or screen reader to have its own description.
  • Profiles: When adding a user to a list from their profile, you can now create a new list to add them to at the same time.
  • Compose: We have rewritten much of our media uploading process to help get your images and videos out to the world faster when tweeting. This should be especially noticeable for users with high-latency, or slower connections.
  • Compose: The gif picker was really slow, and prone to crashing the app. We gave it some TLC and now it’s ready to help you find the perfect reaction in record time.
  • Media: Can’t quite see who that is in an account’s avatar? Now you can zoom on avatars with your touch device to get a more detailed view.
  • Media: You can now swipe up or down to dismiss the media gallery when viewing images on any touch device.
  • DMs: Direct message text that is sent alongside attachments should now visually appear as a single message to readers.


  • Media: Galleries with just a single item should no longer show arrows.
  • Navigation: Fixed a bug where search suggestions were sometimes hidden or impossible to get to.
  • Navigation: You can once again use the dash menu to get to your list of followers or people you follow.
  • DMs: Remedied a case where the typing indicator was being shown when people were not in fact typing.
  • Compose: Updated polls logic to accurately reflect that you only need two options to start a poll; it was sometimes requiring more.
  • IOS: Fixed timeline media not appearing on older versions of IOS.

Since Twitter has a PWA, you will not need to update the app manually. The update will apply automatically and while Twitter has released it, the update might take a while to get to everyone. Twitter has been pretty transparent in disclosing the changelog for the updates and the company has been rolling out updates at regular intervals.