Bionik’s QuickShot adds hair triggers to any Xbox One controller

Have you ever wanted a Scuf customization or an Xbox Elite Controller? Well, the main feature both of those products offers is hair triggers. For those unaware of hair triggers, it basically means that pressing the trigger is faster because the depth of the trigger is halved. This is great for games like Halo 5: Guardians where you have to press the trigger again and again to shoot a weapon like the Assault Rifle. Despite the fact that it only takes half the effort to shoot, many gamers press their triggers all the way in. This can lead to slower shooting speeds even if they don’t realize it.

Well, we finally have an affordable solution. With the QuickShot by Bionik, you can transform any standard Xbox One controller to one that not only has advanced custom grips which provide a better grasp for more control, but also a set of dual-setting trigger locks which allow for faster shots and improved accuracy. The most surprising aspect of the QuickShot has to be its $20 price  tag and quality.

We’ve been testing the QuickShot for a few days now and it definitely gets the job done. While it may be slightly terrifying to install for gamers who don’t necessarily tweak their Xbox One controllers, the results are still spectacular. Shooters like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Gears of War 4 feel more agile because you can shoot faster. Many of us have issues with how scout rifles pose a disadvantage in many games like Destiny because you have to fire each shot individually. With the QuickShot installed, those weapons feel more agile. If timed properly, even the average gamer you can shoot twice as fast as before.

The most challenging aspect of using the QuickShot has to be its installation. Many of us don’t realize that the side panels of standard Xbox One controllers can come off easily to access the screws. The kit comes with an orange crowbar-like device which—when inserted into the gap between the triggers and the body—easily lifts the panel off. Snapping on the QuickShot panels is easy and they lock firmly in place. When lifting the existing Xbox One controller panels, just make sure to take your time and gently lift them. Trying to force them off with end in disaster. You only have to do this once so there’s no hurry.

From what we can tell, the QuickShot is built from the highest quality materials and has the softest texturized rubber grip. The quality is on par with the Xbox Elite Controller despite the tremendous difference in price. If you love playing shooters, this is the accessory for you. While there’s no way to add paddles to the back of the controller, in our testing we found that the hair triggers make the most difference. They have the most notable effect on your playstyle without having to learn how to hold the controller a new way due to the cumbersome paddle shifters which poke out from the sides. Many gamers only prefer hair triggers so this is definitely an accessory to keep in mind.

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