Turkish Airlines release an official Windows Phone app


21, 2014


Turkish Airlines has released an official app for Windows Phone 8.

The app lets users book flights, buy tickers, check-in and access other Turkish Airline services.

It features:image

  • Mobile Booking & Reservation
    You can buy your ticket, book a flight or complete your reservation on the move. All you need is to select our best flight offer.
  • Miles & Smiles
    You can become a Turkish Airlines loyalty member. If you are a Miles&Smiles member, you can access Miles&Smiles services.
  • Mobile Check-in You can save your time by selecting or changing your seat on the move.
  • Arrival-Departure
    You have the chance to make best plan with insant access to departure and arrival status of Turkish Airlines flights.
  • Timetable
    You can plan your trips via access to Turkish Airlines worldwide flights.

You can download the free app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Via NokiaRevolutions.com

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