Tower Game Starter Kit For Windows 8 Available For Download

The Tower Game Starter Kit is a simple, open-source (MIT licensed) javascript game engine designed specifically to help you skip “square one” on your way to creating a great Tower Assault or Defense game. Included in the github source repository are project files for Windows 8 Store apps that run on win8 tablets, desktop, and windows RT devices, as well as a project that compiles to Windows Phone 8. In addition, the game runs great on all modern desktop web browsers.

Features include:

  • silky-smooth 60fps on most platforms
  • levels that are larger than the screen
  • spritesheet animation of in-game characters
  • touch-screen and mouse controls
  • music and sound effects
  • particle effects and eye-candy
  • a full game complete with a beginning, middle and end
  • little extras like a low-level C++ sound engine for wp8
  • lots of debug log and benchmarking functionality
  • a-star pathfinding for A.I. movement
  • entities have health (with visible health bars) and can die
  • multiple weapon types with their own particle, sound and damage
  • player and computer controlled entities use the same class
  • simple codebase with the main engine in just one .js file.
  • easy-to-understand code filled with comments
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Developer Resources:

  • Tutorials – an in-depth tutorial video series.
  • F.A.Q. – answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Source: Woot Studio

Download: Windows 8

Download: Windows Phone 8