Top 5 YouTube Vanced Alternatives

March 16, 2022

YouTube Vanced, probably one of the best apps we’ve ever experienced, will no longer be available in the coming days. The reason behind it was the cease and desist sent by Google to the Vanced owners, forcing them to stop the distribution and development of the app and remove all references to YouTube from the service. With this, we are all searching for the best YouTube Vanced alternative, but with tons of choices out there, which one fits you? We give you the decision to pick from these choices we prepared:


NewPipe is best known as an unofficial YouTube client and a free and open-source media player app for Android devices, which doesn’t rely on Google’s framework libraries or the YouTube API. It will also work with Huawei devices since it lets you use it without Google Mobile Services or a Google account. (You can’t sign in to your Google account on it!)

Some of the things you can do on this app are watching add-free videos, importing subscriptions from YouTube, and downloading YouTube videos both locally and in-app. However, be aware that since you won’t be able to sign in to your Google account using this app, there is no way to sync your watch history and add comments on videos.


There are two versions of SkyTube to choose from: the SkyTube Extra and the regular SkyTube version. While the latter doesn’t include additional features, SkyTube Extra comes with support for official YouTube player and casting. Nonetheless, both offer ad-free videos and are free, open-source YouTube clients for Android devices. You also have the option to import subscriptions just like in NewPipe, but you can’t also sign in to your Google account.


For iOS users out there, the uYou+ is the best and most stable alternative for YouTube Vanced. Besides the fact that it will work without jailbreaking your phone, it comes with benefits like ad-free videos, PiP integration, VP9 codec, and SponsorBlock integration. However, keep in mind that installing it might take some effort since it’s for iOS.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is not an app alternative for YouTube Vanced, but it will give you the thing that most other apps can’t provide: signing in to your Google account. It means you can sync your watch history and add comments on videos if you want to. This add-on works for the Firefox browser and lets you watch ad-free videos not just on YouTube but also on other sites. 

Kiwi Browser

This option is also a non-app solution. Kiwi Browser is a Chromium-based browser with support for desktop extensions. To get all the features you need, you can install Chrome extensions like Dislike, uBlock Origin, SponsorBlock, YouTube Enhancer, and Return YouTube. With this option, you can sign in to your Google account, write comments, sync your watch history, watch HD ad-free videos, and even use the dislike button.

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