Tip: Here is a quick way to extract text from screenshots on Windows 10 using built-in tools

Sometimes you want to extract snippets of text from a screenshot, picture or app (for example a reader app which won’t let you copy or a PDF that is an image rather than text).

There are of course various apps to do Optical Character Recognition (OCR) but Windows 10 has a built-in tool which makes the process very quick and easy for small amounts of text.

Surprisingly we will be using the built-in Windows Search tool, and the process goes as follows.

Step 1: Get your text on the screen (e.g. this difficult PDF in the browser).

Step 2: Click on the Windows Search icon (the magnifying glass on your lower left), and then click on the Search with ScreenShot button.

Step 3: Using your mouse, highlight the area of text you want to process.

Step 4: Windows will then pass the image to Bing, who will do the recognition of the text, which you can then copy and do with what you want.

If you find this tip useful, let us know in the comments below.

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