Tip: Don’t forget Windows 10’s Virtual TrackPad

A large proportion of Windows laptops sold these days have touch screens and many can even fold into tablet-like configurations, not to mention the increasing percentage of pure Windows tablets being sold.

The OS, however, is still not fully optimised for touch usage, and even when using websites or browsers many controls and links are not finger-friendly, as I discovered while using my Lenovo Yoga 900 in the garden in tablet mode.

Fortunately, Microsoft has introduced an easy to use solution for accessing touch points designed for a mouse. Back in November Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 14965 which includes a virtual touchpad which pops up on-screen and works as well if not better than the one built into your laptop.

The feature can be activated by selecting “Show touchpad button” in the right click menu on the taskbar, which adds the button to your notification area, from where the feature can easily be activated or dismissed.

The virtual precision touchpad is rather basic in appearance but very responsive, and if it has one weakness, it is that it is not resizable, meaning it occludes a large amount of the content on the screen.

A partial solution to the issue, however, is to move it somewhat off screen, as in the image above. This leaves the touchpad still fully functional but using up much less of your screen space.

Have our readers with touchscreen laptops given the feature a try? Let us know below.

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