Tinder is launching a students only mode in the US

August 22, 2018

Tinder is adding a new feature to its mobile app for US users – Tinder U.

With Tinder U, users with verified.edu email addresses who are geolocated on the campus will allow students to swipe and match with users on campus. College users who are seeking partners or friends at the same stage of life as them will have an easier time with this new feature. Tinder wants users to use it for more than dating and encourages students to find friends and study buddies, a cute notion.

“Tinder proudly launched at USC in 2012, making the college spirit an important part of our history and brand DNA. Today, more than half of our users are between the ages of 18 and 24,” said Brian Norgard, chief product officer at Tinder, in a press release. “With Tinder U, we’re excited to honor our roots with a new experience that helps students meets other students nearby. It’s a fresh product that will make campus life even more entertaining.”

Tinder earlier added Bitmoji integration to its service. With this new college-specific mode, users would have a bit more of a comfortable experience when expressing themselves on the app.

Source: Digital Trends

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