Earlier today we write that Samsung was partnering with American fashion house Thom Browne to release a very expensive branded Galaxy Z Flip package which was set to cost $2500.

At the time we assumed it was meant to appeal to women, but a leaked ad posted by WalkingCat suggests we were wrong.

The 2-minute ad which evokes Sci-fi movies such as Gattaca reveals the content of the Thom Browne package and suggests the price may not be that out of the world.

It appears to include the phone, a branded case, a branded set of Galaxy Buds Plus and a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, in a cool presentation case,  with the unbranded individual components probably totalling up to around $2000.

While we will still not be rushing out to buy this handset, the futuristic chrome-look has for me notched the coolness of the device up considerably.

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