This gadget could make Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile finally useful




Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile is a great feature hampered by the search for a use-case. While being able to turn your phone into a desktop computer is amazing technology, needing to find a free display with an HDMI port available means in most cases it will go wasted and unused.

It seems however some-one has already developed the perfect technology to turn out phones into the productivity machines we all need.

Casetop is a kickstarter project by Lividesign which turns your phone into a laptop, enabling you to expand your phone screen to a 11.1 inch 1080P screen and full-sized keyboard, with a variety of ports and also the ability to charge your phone.




The project, which stretches back to 2013, has still not delivered its $250 product, but does seem to be in active development. While it simply expands the Android screen resulting in a poor UI, if it supported Windows 10 Mobile Continuum it would actually deliver the promised laptop-like user experience designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse.

See the project’s Kickstarter video below, and bug them about adding Windows 10 Mobile support at their Facebook page here.

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