This set of AirPod Max headphones costs $108,000

by Surur
December 28, 2020

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In economics, there is a concept called Veblen goods,  items which become more desirable and popular the more expensive they are. Apple is if course the main champion of the concept, with each product they introduce more expensive than the last, with the $549 AirPod Max topping the most recent list.

Even Apple can’t beat Russian brand Caviar, known for taken already expensive items over the top by adding luxurious material such as gold, diamonds and rare leather.  The company has now announced an improved version of Apple’s AirPod Max, with the price of the resulting headphones topping out a bank-breaking $108,000.

The AirPods Max Limited Edition from Caviar is available in two colours: white and black. The headband is made of crocodile leather, while the high-gloss ear cups are decorated with 18-karat gold, with the Caviar logo incorporated in the middle of the ear cups. The buttons and signature Digital Crown are also covered in gold.

In fact, the design incorporates a full 830g of gold, explaining much of the price of the headphones. Thankfully the metal does not impede the functionality of the Bluetooth device.

Of course, despite the Veblen curve, the market for $108,000 wireless headphones are not gigantic, which may explain why Caviar is making just one set in each colour, meaning when you are swanning with the other oligarchs you can be assured no-one else will be sporting one.

If you are looking to purchase a pair, you can ask your personal assistant to check out Caviar’s store here.

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