There’s a Blair Witch game coming to Xbox and PC


9, 2019

If you enjoyed the shaky camera footage in Blair Witch, then you’re going to love the shaky visuals in the newly announced Blair Witch game for Xbox and PC.

The team behind the new game is Bloober Team, who also made the amazing Layers of Fear and the not-as-amazing-but-still-a-very-good-play Layers of Fear 2.

You can watch the E3 2019 reveal trailer below.

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If you’re too young to know what Blair Witch is or if you’re not up to speed on the horror genre, no worries: I have you covered. The Blair Witch Project is a 1999 horror film made up of ‘found footage’ from three student filmmakers who go into the woods and don’t come back.

While you shouldn’t watch the film if you’re prone to motion sickness, it’s still a very highly praised horror film. Seeing as Bloober Team are at the helm, the videogame should follow suit in critical acclaim, but hopefully have far smoother visuals.

The game will be out on August 30th for Xbox and PC. It’ll be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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