The WP8 “stuck process” battery drain issue causes wide-spread complaints

Numerous Reddit users have been experiencing random battery drain on their Windows Phone 8 devices.

With this bug, WP8 devices will rapidly consume energy, bringing a battery from 50% to dead in just a couple of hours when not even being used. There have been about 18 posts on Reddit in the past few months complaining about this issue.

It is hypothesized by many Reddit users that a process gets “stuck” in Windows Phone 8, causing the battery to drain rapidly. Restarting your phone will fix the issue temporarily… until the process gets stuck again.

Sounds like … you have a stuck process. A reboot will fix it. This is an ongoing problem with WP – Chaosphere_

I been doing this [rebooting to clear stuck process], happens every few days to a week – Life_Of_A_Cat

My Lumia regularly gets really hot and the battery just melts. Though I’m kinda dealing with it – Xodium

Yeah. It’s happened a few times. A reboot usually solves it – Valaaris

Ultimately this is an issue with the WP8 operating system. Microsoft restricts apps so that unresponsive apps are closed and terminated. Yet somehow, batteries are suffering from incredible battery drain. Microsoft has not yet responded to this issue.

Are you experiencing this issue? Share your experience in the comments.

Here are all the posts:

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